A small town with a whole lot of charm

New Smyrna Beach

The Natural Attraction

why New Smyrna Beach is the ideal spot to live and work

Casual and Innovative

In the end it’s all about the people

Galleries vs. nature strolls

Rich History

The Historic District

Canal Street is tucked in the Historic District of New Smyrna Beach which is abundant in rich history and a hot spot for main events such as the sizzling annual Jazz Festival, delivering outstanding musicians and attracting jazz enthusiasts in for a spectacular 3 day festival. These charming streets are lined with boutiques, galleries, an assortment of charming shops and eateries. In the historic district you will find hidden gems such as The New Smyrna Museum of History where you can learn about the early settlers. In the heart of Canal Street you will find exquisite dining options to appease all types of culinary adventurers. Also, make sure to explore The Hub on Canal which features many authentic local artists displaying their crafts for open viewing.

Land and Sea

NSB Beaches & Parks

Take a whimsical stroll on the beach, while stopping to collect uniquely adorned seashells. There are several quiet spots to catch up on that tan whilst reading your favorite book. The best time to visit these beaches are at sunrise and sunset, ideal for a beach wedding or ceremony. If sand and salt water isn’t your thing, you may consider exploring the local trails and parks. Wildlife explorers should take a boat tour on the calm waterways to view dolphins, turtles, alligators, aviary and manatees. Make sure to charge your phones and cameras as there will be plenty of photo ops when discovering NSB.

Vast Lodging

Resorts, B&Bs, Hotels and Condos

When seeking a place to stay, the alternatives depend on what you intend to do during your visit. If you want to party like a rock star, Flagler Avenue is where you want to be. Inns and B&Bs offer tranquil private rooms that offer full service accommodations. Beach goers would enjoy Atlantic Avenue being steps away from the beach with a lively nightlife. In New Smyrna Beach you can find all types of accommodations for your budget. For a taste of culture and history, any place near Canal Street would work best. If you find the need to pick up a bouquet of stunning fresh flowers, we recommend Pink Flamingo at Petals on Canal Street. Do your research prior to arriving to ensure you don’t waste a moment in this wonderful city.

The people

The Beach Community

This city is comprised of several types of residents. You will find surfers, hippies, activists, conservationists,  entrepreneurs, artists of all types and the snowbirds. The residents here are very active in their community and enjoy taking part in the festivities. Meet business owners that started with a tiny dream that now own thriving shops. Learn about the old Sugar Mill Ruins, the old Fort or chat with one of the locals for the latest scoop on NSB development and how it affects the residents and where the best food joints & wine bars are. Sticking together while surviving devastating hurricanes, is what has made these inspiring people tough as nails yet charming and insightful. 

Culinary Versatility & Innovation

A highly recommended haven for all, New Smyrna Beach should be on the top of everyone’s bucket list. A wonderful city to visit and the perfect place to plant your roots. Open all year round offering Smokin’ BBQ, gourmet dining, casual, vegan & vegetarian alternatives, fresh fruits and vegetable markets, awesome old fashioned shakes and burgers, local favorites, extraordinary fresh seafood and a promising amount of breweries & distilleriescoffee shops, hip salons and rejuvenating medical spas. This city is remarkably affectionate with a knack for bringing out the best in everyone.

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